With over 10 years of experience working with Web design, HTML, and Photoshop, I have designed hundreds of Web sites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and individuals. Here is just a small sampling of Web site layouts, graphics design, Flash design and print work that I have done over the years.

Custom Web Design

These are a few of the custom Web sites I have built for SuperPages.com advertisers.

Veterinary Office
Hair Salon
Appliance Repair
Counseling Center

Web Design Templates

In addition to custom sites, I have also created “templates” for use in a variety of industries, including: doctors, lawyers, construction companies, hair salons, real estate agents and insurance brokers, restaurants, and child care, just to name a few.

Plastic Surgery or Salon
Law Office
Insurance Company
Dance and Music Studio
Construction Company
Limousine Service
Moving Company


Listed below are some of the Flash/Animation Web sites I have created for clients. A fairly recent project that was fun to do was for an individual who wanted a “virtual bar” to reflect a chat room ‘bar’ for an alternate reality game.

Rocksaltjournals.com Virtual Bar

Rocksaltjournals.com Main Web Site (Created header; designed CSS style and layout.)

Bollinger Roofing Company Animated Scrolling Header


My print portfolio includes business cards, logos, company branding, mail inserts, flyers, banner and posters. I can work with your print company to design advertising specifically for print, including high resolution, CMYK, full color and/or black and white in resizable formats. I can also provide assistance in placement of your logo on Promotional Products.

Applications & Scripts

In addition to design work, I also enjoy working with scripting languages to create innovative applications as well as to make Web sites more functional. While some of the ASP pages and SQL statements I have created are proprietary to my clients and therefore cannot be shown here, others have included: inventory tracking; a small, local PHP search feature; PHP and ASP navigation; and PHP submission forms that feed into a MySQL database. My application and scripting experience includes:

  • Database Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Application Development
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • JavaScript
  • ASP (Classic)
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • MySQL

What I'm Doing...

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