WordPress Theme: Floral Blue Horizon

Floral Blue Horizon WordPress ThemeI called this theme Floral Blue Horizon because it has a subtle floral design in blue/green with a complimentary orange accent for a bright splash of color.

The theme has a fixed-width of 900 pixels, 3 columns and a blue scroll design on the right side of the background. All of my themes use valid XHTML and CSS and are widget-ready.

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Version 0.1
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up to 2.9.2
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4 Responses to “WordPress Theme: Floral Blue Horizon”

  • Nikki:

    The theme looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing more in future. :)

  • Nikki:

    I don’t mean to spam but I have a suggestion that I thought of after I had posted my first comment: I think it would be great if people could click the image of the theme and zoom in. It might be only me but I always love looking at a theme more closely, that’s why I love when I can zoom in. But when I click the picture of the theme here, it starts downloading the theme instead of zooming in. I think it was what you wanted it to do but I love browsing different graphics-related sites and when they offer WP themes, they usually allow people to zoom in and the feature seems really useful to me. :)

    • Kathy:

      Thanks Nikki. From you, I know it’s not spam. :)
      I love your suggestion. Like I said the site, and especially the themes are still in beta. I plan to set up a test site so I can test my themes and get a good screen shot of all the elements. So you’ll get your wish. :)

      Any other comments and suggestions are welcome too.

    • Kathy:

      You can click and see the elements of the new theme now! I still don’t know exactly how they make all the features work, like showing the drop-down menus in preview mode, so right now it’s just a screenshot of the theme and CSS elements. But I hope this is what you wanted. :)

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